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Rationed Water, 2013
Installation image from ‘Soon’ at Still House by Jogging

Hydrophobic coating, Tempered Glass, Water, Plastic Bottles,Fierce Apple Gatorade, Blueberry-Pomegranate Gatorade 58 ⅛ x 33 ½ x 20”


Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2014


From Sketch to Screen: Ondrej Nekvasils gorgeous production design concept art for the Front Section compartments fully realized in Bong Joon-HosSnowpiercer”.


Paintings in details : Pastels, part I.


such a pretty Zara (at Namur)


Chair and screen in the library of Louis XVI.


RGB lighting installation by FlynnTalbot

Red, blue and green lights moving across a faceted triangular structure created multicoloured shadows in this installation by Australian lighting specialist Flynn Talbot (+ movie).

Talbot, whose studio focuses on lighting installation design, created a three-sided panel with one surface covered in spiky cardboard structures of up to two metres in length. This piece was mounted onto a wall at the PSAS gallery in Perth, Australia, for the Primary exhibition.

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